Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shoe & Shoot

March 11th Shoe & Shoot Blackpower target Shoot

Register 9AM Central Time Thing's to Bring- Snoeshoe's and Blackpowder Rifle, roundball or percushion - No sabots! Hawk & Knife and Pistol
Lunch on the ground. Please bring a Blanket Prize to partake in the festivities.

Food & Fun Live Music Gal's and Gents your all Welcome!

5th Annual Great Sno-Bear Biathlon Results

5th Annual Great Sno-Bear Biathlon Winners

Women’s Div. 2 46yrs & Under
Linda Smith 1st. Place 47mins.
Nicole Kuzak 2nd. Place 58mins.

Women’s Div. 1 47 yrs old & up

No Entries

Men’s Div. 1 47yrs & Up
1st. Place Clint Collock 32Min’s
2nd Place Tom Plummer 37 Min’s
3rd Place Gregg Isaccson 43 Min’s

Men’s Div.2 46yrs & Up
1st Place Andy Mendini 39Min’s
2nd Place Ryan Erkkila 40 Min’s
3rd Place Chad Laurent 41 Min’s

Jr. Girl Div. 14-17
Savannah Sandy Honorable Mention

Jr. Boys 14-17
1st Place Carlton Isaccson 52Min’s

No Kid’s 10-13 Participated

Congradulations to all the Winners. Trophies and Medals can be p[icked up!
Thanks to the Iron Co. 4-H Sharpshooters for there help!