Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dog Training Seminar

Hunting Dog Training Seminar     10-12 dog class

Start date is weather depentant. 6 week course      $325.00 + Birds

Classes will, be outside in our training area, dogs must be in control.

Things you will learn.
We will talk about your dog,  Trainer will evaluate your dog, Ob training, Introduction to Birds and Guns.  and Evaluation before and after each class.  You will have homework with your dog.

This is an imformal class,  after the 6 week course, will be hosting a Pot-Luck for everyone partisapating.  Also a tour of our wing shooting facility.

For more info-  Email,  or Call 906-822-7738
Flusher or Pointers         Trainers  Bob Ross and Walt Noa

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